Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Trends in Jewelry for Men

When it comes to buying gifts for the holidays, don’t forget that you can bring a little sparkle to a man’s eyes with the right jewelry. Our jewelry store offers an exquisite selection of jewelry for men that will make them smile. And you know his smile lights up your world, bringing a profound meaning to the phrase “it’s better to give than receive.”

The question is what specifically to buy for the guy in your life. If you know his personality and style, working with our jewelers to select the perfect holiday gift for him can be really fun!

Trends in Jewelry for Men

Millennials and today’s pop culture are to thank for the popularity of men’s jewelry. If you are having trouble deciding on the right jewelry to buy your man, check virtually any celebrity’s Instagram page for inspiration. If their choice of “hardware” is a bit too bold, there are plenty of trends in men’s jewelry that are lighter on the eyes.

So when it comes to his choice of jewelry, do you think he would prefer big and bold or small and dignified? Consider these trends to help you buy jewelry for him this holiday.

Leather Necklaces

Thin leather cords that wrap around the lower part of the neck are easy to wear and easy on the eyes. They add character and flair without being brazen or gaudy. Some of these necklaces contain one or two small jewels or decorative elements, such as a gold symbol, a pearl, or a small diamond. Because they sit high up on the collarbone and don’t dangle down onto clothing, they tend to match almost anything he wears.

Braided Bracelets

Silver braided bracelets that lie flat on the wrist add elegance and an air of intrigue. Also found in gold or leather, the trend is to wear two or three of these bracelets on one wrist.

For a timeless appeal, consider similar leather strap bracelets in more simple styles. Designer William Henry offers a range of options for men’s bracelets.

Trends in jewelry for men include braided leather bracelets.

Marble Rings

If your husband lost or damaged his wedding ring and needs a new one, consider a marble wedding ring. It’s a traditional wedding band, but with designs and patterns similar to those that you would see on a marble countertop. Whether you buy real marble or imitation, your husband will certainly have a unique, eye-catching ring.

If that’s not your thing or his, a simple gold, tungsten, titanium, or stainless steel wedding band to replace his missing ring is a brilliant idea for a holiday gift. CrownRing and Triton offer an array of men’s wedding bands to suit his style.

A new wedding band may be the ideal gift of jewelry for your man this holiday season.

Diamond Studs

When it comes to style, men’s earrings have come and gone over the past several decades. At this time, they’re back, and they’re better than ever. Today’s trend for men’s earrings is to wear small, square diamond studs. They add a fresh and clean aspect to a man’s look with just enough flair.

Trends in jewelry for men include small diamond stud earrings.
Chunky Chains

If your giftee does prefer to stand out in the crowd, chunky chains also are the trend for 2020. Some sit just below the collarbone, while others hang closer to the stomach. They are also available as bracelets.

Black Jewelry

Black earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are always popular for men’s jewelry, as they add a masculine appeal while still being attractive and fun. Plus, black goes with almost everything, so you really can’t lose.

Designer Watches with Large Faces

With technology being what it is today, watches are more of an accessory than a necessity, and what an outstanding accessory they can be. Watches add a certain air of sophistication that you can’t get elsewhere.

A designer watch with a large face is still an ideal holiday gift for men.

Find Him the Perfect Holiday Gift

It can be difficult find the perfect present for a man, but buying a gift of jewelry for him is easy as can be.

Decide what type of jewelry he would like to wear, and then step into our Novi jewelry store to find something ideal for him.  We have a large selection of designer jewelry readily available, and we can also customize jewelry.  For a unique piece, consider engraving a message or adding a meaningful gem, such as his birthstone.

Explore the options on our website or check out our Diamond Castle Jeweler’s Pinterest page for inspiration. You may also visit our store on Grand River Avenue to see our dazzling selection of rings, bracelets, and necklaces in person.

Call Diamond Castle Jewelers or visit our jewelry store on Grand River Avenue in Novi, Michigan.

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