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Wedding Rings & Bands

Once that wedding ring meets the engagement ring and once that wedding band is slipped around his finger, your relationship takes on a whole new meaning.

That round wedding band symbolizes your commitment to each other. No matter where life takes you, you know you can always turn around and find your partner there to help you see it through.

The wedding rings and bands will be with you both for a lifetime, so make them something that makes you smile and feel warm inside every time you look at your hands.

When you look down at that wedding band, will you feel your loved one’s reflection looking back at you? Diamond Castle Jewelers is here to help you choose the perfect styles of wedding bands to make sure you do.

Wedding Rings & Bands

Diamond Castle Jewelers offers a wide selection of designer brand wedding rings to meet your tastes and your budget. As a hometown jeweler with deep roots in Oakland County, Michigan, we have come to know generations of families and consider them friends.

When you step into our jewelry store here on Grand River Avenue in Novi, or our new location in Plymouth, Michigan, we can help you identify designer wedding rings and bands that match you and your personality. We have a knack for helping customers choose jewelry that moves them, and that’s our goal with each and every person who walks through our doors.

Among many others, some of the popular collections of wedding rings and bands at our Novi jewelry store include:

  • Alberto
  • Bassali
  • Chimento
  • Christopher Designs
  • Equinox
  • Fana New York
  • Graziela
  • Zydo Italy

Designer & Customized
Rings for Men

The look and feel of men’s wedding rings have been transformed over the past couple of decades, thanks to a wide array of styles and materials that are now available.

Although traditional gold rings remain common, materials used for men’s wedding bands today include tungsten, titanium, platinum, cobalt, silver, steel, and even wood.

If you opt to customize a men’s wedding ring, you can also choose from a wide array of diamonds and other gemstones to enhance its character.