CrownRing Collections Bring a Modern Flair to the 2019 Wedding Season

If your idea of a wedding band is one with an intricate design, a visit to Diamond Castle Jewelers to view and try on our CrownRing collections is just what you need.  CrownRing offers five collections made from 14-karat gold, palladium, or platinum.

Four of these collections feature unique designs suited for life in 2019. If you prefer a more traditional ring, Diamond Castle Jewelers has that covered, too.  CrownRing offers its Classic Collection, combining tradition with modern jewelry craftsmanship.

The CrownRing Diamond Collection

CrownRing’s Diamond Collection wedding rings are accented with diamonds, and a choice of patterns is available.

Some of the most popular rings feature diamonds set equidistant around the complete ring.  The diamonds can be set in a recessed area or simply placed into the ring surface.

Some rings feature borders that are decorated with diamonds all around the ring, leaving a center ring which can have a number of etched designs.

Other offerings are rings with one large diamond at the top.  Another popular design presents the diamonds in a geometric or curved design that blends in with the design of the basic wedding band.

The Classic Collection

CrownRing collections wedding bands are available in gold, titanium, and more, as well as with diamond embellishments.These rings are closer to the traditional wedding band, but have a distinct modern flair.  Each band has a polished design with a variety of borders.  Some rings offer simple designs on the band, such as two bands joined together.  These rings look especially beautiful when made of more than one metal.  Each band is individually crafted and presents a stylish ring to present at your ceremony.

CrownRing’s Carved Collection

The Carved Collection earns its name.  Each ring has a singular design carved into the surface.  Geometric patterns, curves, cross-hatching, circles, and braids combine to offer our customers a spectacular collection of men’s wedding rings.  Some of the most beautiful rings feature several rope braids etched into the ring.

The Rope Collection

This collection is the most varied collection offered by CrownRing.  These rings feature unique rope patterns that border each ring of the collection.  A number of different patterns make these wedding rings stand out from other wedding rings with borders.  Some of these rings are a simple band; others are more elaborate.

You can also choose a wedding ring with the rope pattern or patterns that branch outward from the center of the ring.  Some designs features diamonds scattered throughout.   Some of the center rope designs come in black accents, which is quite different from the other CrownRing collections.

As you can see, CrownRing has much to offer the discerning customer for their wedding.  Contact us today at Diamond Castle Jewelers and view our CrownRing collections in person.  You will be glad you came.

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