Stylish and Tough: What Makes a Triton Ring Stand Out

How do you describe a Triton ring?

Do you talk about the scratch- and tarnish-resistant powers of the tungsten rings? Do you try to capture their exclusive patented construction?

You can try.  But what really makes a Triton ring stand out is the touch you put on it yourself.

What started with Triton in 1989 was a resurgence for men to wear their active lifestyles as a statement on their finger. With full customization at their fingertips, it’s no wonder why. Triton rings and wedding bands make your statement and no one else’s.

Make Triton Your Own

On the Triton website, you can customize the ring that fits you. Triton believes the best modern jewelry is the jewelry you create, and so offers the options to reflect that. To create your tungsten ring, you may choose from the wealth of core color, core design, and base metal options to capture your own style.

Triton takes pride in being the top choice in men and women’s wedding band styles, placing the care you can see into each piece.

Your Statement with Triton

Artistry creates the most eloquent statements, especially when understated. This is what Triton has done best for 30 years. Each ring is engineered and constructed from durable tungsten, which can be color-customized as well. For decades the emphasis has stayed on the ring sported by the bride, and now the groom can express his style the way he deserves, right alongside them.

This distinction of style — the difference between wearing a ring and wearing a statement — makes Triton the ring for people everywhere looking for something different, something that will last, and something always extraordinary.

Built to Last

Style and quality too often miss each other’s mark, but have found a home in every Triton ring. Coming from the Swedish term meaning “heavy stone,” tungsten is the metal of choice for craft quality and durability. Here are some quick facts on the lasting quality of a tungsten ring:

  • Tungsten is resistant to scratching.
  • Tungsten does not bend like softer metals, such as gold.
  • Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals.

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