The Ring is Yet to Come: Wondering About the Rest of the Jewelry to Wear on Your Wedding Day?

The big day is around the corner, and you can’t wait to have him finally slip on that diamond ring. It’s the wedding ring of your dreams to go with the day you’ve been planning since you were a little girl. You have to look absolutely fabulous as you’re walking down that aisle, so you’ll want to accessorize perfectly. As you’re trying to select the rest of the jewelry to wear on your wedding day, you should consider a variety of factors. What jewelry will make your face shine? Will your jewelry make or break your dress? How do you make that wedding ring the star of the show?

How to Choose the Rest of the Jewelry to Wear on Your Wedding Day

It’s a lot to think about, and the general answer to all of it is “it depends.” It depends on the style of the dress, your personal preference, family tradition, the season, and more. It’s important to be yourself on your wedding day, but look your best at the same time. You can make your day your own, so you can blaze your own trail to make your wedding memorable.

Still, here are some pointers regarding the rest of the jewelry to wear on your wedding day that might help answer some of your burning questions.

  • When it comes to accessories for your wedding day, less is more. This is one thing most sources agree on. You are the star of the show, not the jewelry. The focal point should be your beautiful face, the outstanding dress, and that diamond wedding ring. Having too many accessories, accessories that clash, or accessories that are too large will look gaudy and almost childlike.
  • The shade of your dress matters. Gold jewelry, for example, is pretty with an ivory dress but might clash with a pure white dress. Delicate pearl bracelets and necklaces usually look good with all styles and shades of dresses.
  • Match accessories with the beading on the dress.
  • There is no hard and fast rule regarding wearing other rings on your wedding day, but avoiding other rings would make the wedding ring stand out more. If you really want to wear other rings, you have to make sure they don’t clash with your ensemble either, so it might be more trouble than it’s worth.
  • When it comes to choosing a necklace and earrings, start with the neckline of your dress. If the neckline is ornate, a large decorative necklace will be too much. You might even opt to leave out the necklace and go with delicate, dangling earrings. If the top of your dress is plain, a more significant necklace would complement it well, but in that case, choose smaller earrings to avoid overdoing it. Also consider the style of the top of the dress. Is it heart shaped? Straight? Strapless? Does it have long, lacy chiffon sleeves? Make sure the necklace and earrings you buy match the top of the dress.
  • Earrings are pretty much a must, even if they’re just small diamond studs. But finding the perfect earrings for your wedding day can be challenging. You need earrings that don’t clash with the necklace, are appropriate for the style of the top of the dress and the headpiece, and match the shape of your face. An oval face looks best with triangular earrings, for example, and dangling earrings can balance a round face. Bring someone with you when shopping for earrings because you can’t always rely on the mirror.
  • As you’re shopping for the jewelry to wear on your wedding day, remember that just a little bit of light color can be a nice touch. Earrings with a light pink, baby blue, or maybe even light brown accent will bring out your sparkling eyes and add a color other than white to your ensemble.

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