History of the Diamond: A Story of Strength and Harmony

We’ve all heard it a million times: “A diamond is forever.” But where did this idea originate from? The history of the diamond dates back thousands of years.

Diamonds are found all over the world and on all continents, but putting diamonds on engagement rings is a practice made popular as recently as the 20th century. For many years the diamond was only accessible to the very wealthy, and for good reason.

Every civilization has lore about the diamond, most of them seeing it as a symbol of strength and endurance. In early history, diamonds were used as tools for engraving. Early Romans wore diamonds into battle because they were believed to bring great strength. Ancient Romans believed diamonds were the outer rings of stars that had fallen to earth. Julius Caesar, Louis IV, and Napoleon all wore diamonds for strength and protection.

The history of the diamond even goes as far back as prehistoric times. Diamonds were believed to bring strength, stop stress, paralyze fear, protect against fire and poison, even strengthen every organ in the body with their vibrations.

The stone is considered to be more powerful if worn around the neck or on the left hand. Diamonds are also known to attract courage, creativity, purity, and harmony.

They are believed to promote feelings of self-love and bring pure love to relationships.  Diamonds have been thought to improve the wearer’s life in many ways, specifically by bringing clarity to whomever wears them.

Today diamonds are adored for their beauty and valued for their indestructibility. Diamonds come in a variety of cuts and sizes. Visit our showroom or contact one of our experts so we can help you find the gem of your dreams.

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