Lashbrook Jewelry: How to Add Personality to an Engagement Ring

Most people want an engagement ring to be special. After all, your relationship is unique; your ring should be too! However, this can be difficult to achieve when you go to a typical jeweler you would find in a mall. When you trust this lifelong piece to the professionals at Diamond Castle Jewelers in Novi, you can rest assured that your ring will be personalized perfectly for your soon-to-be-spouse. Our experienced jewelers can help steer you toward the perfect custom jewelry designs, such as the award-winning Lashbrook jewelry.

Personalized Engagement Rings and Other Jewelry

Most people think custom jewelry design is an expensive option, but that could not be further from the truth. Working with a gemologist or experienced jeweler can result in the perfect ring, in both style and budget.

We at Diamond Castle Jewelers are prepared to help pair you with the right designer to ensure you get the perfect piece. There are many custom designers, but not all are created equal. Trust Diamond Castle Jewelers to help you find the perfect custom jewelry designer, or stop by to see our designer lines, such as Lashbrook jewelry. Remember, engagement rings, anniversary rings, necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry can all be personalized.

How to Add Personality to an Engagement Ring

When you work with a jeweler, you may be surprised at all the options that come up. Here are just a few options for customizing your ring:

  • Colored Stones: Whether you want colored diamonds or other precious gemstones, changing the colors of the stones in your ring can really make it stand out.
  • Accent Stones: Adding accent stones and changing their colors can elevate a ring from pretty to priceless.
  • Band Metals: Changing the type of metal used can change so many properties in a ring, from making it more durable to making it fit a certain visual aesthetic. This is also a smart way to personalize men’s wedding rings.
  • Stone Cut: The cut of the stones in your ring can take a ring from a common piece of jewelry to a masterpiece.
  • Engraving: Adding personality to men’s or women’s rings is easy when you engrave them with special dates, names, or other phrases.

For more information on products offered by Lashbrook or for additional tips on how to personalize an engagement ring, please contact the experts at Diamond Castle Jewelers today!

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