Men’s Wedding Band Options that Show Your Style

A lot of fuss is made about a woman’s engagement ring and wedding band, but what about the guys? They too are wearing a ring for life that symbolizes their undying love for their spouse. Right now, we’re putting the spotlight on men’s wedding bands. What materials can they be made from? What are your options for style? Most of all, how do you choose the most comfortable ring?

Men’s Wedding Band Materials

What can a wedding band be made of? It really is up to his imagination. There are both traditional choices and things you may not have ever considered.

  • Gold: White gold or yellow gold has been the favorite choice for wedding bands for centuries. Pure gold is much too soft to make a practical ring. Instead, 18-karat and 14-karat gold wedding rings are a balance of gold and alloyed metals, so they are much stronger.
  • Platinum: A platinum wedding band has incredible strength, durability, and shine.
  • Tungsten: This is one of the hardest metals known to man. These steel-gray rings are virtually scratch proof.
  • Titanium: Wedding rings made of this metal are both strong and lightweight. Titanium is also comfortable and affordable.
  • Carbon Fiber – These are the lightest wedding rings men can buy, and are also durable. Carbon fiber rings are 12 times lighter than gold.
  • You could also go with something completely different like wood or meteorite.
Men’s Wedding Band Styles

Your wedding band can be as unique as you are. You and your bride can choose matching rings designed by a local artists, or you can design your ring to reflect your own personal styles. A unique material says you don’t follow the crowd, while a band with an exquisite gemstone shows off your impeccable taste. On the other hand, a simple, plain band may be exactly what you are looking for. Take your time to design a ring that reflects your personality.

Comfortable Wedding Rings

Since a wedding band is something that is worn every day, comfort is especially important. Make sure to choose a ring that doesn’t have any sharp edges. Raised patterns on the top also can catch or scratch. You can also choose a “comfort fit” ring that has a domed interior. These types of rings allow fewer irritants to catch between the ring and the finger. Choosing a lightweight material like titanium also may make it feel more comfortable.

Our expert staff will help you find the perfect men’s wedding band for your special day and beyond. Contact us with any questions you have about metals, sizing, or wedding band styles.

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