JB Star Jewelry: All About the Precision

If you value the quality of your diamond’s cut, then you can’t deny the fact that precision is absolutely a top-level priority. When it comes to ensuring precision, it’s hard to beat the attention to detail that JB Star pays to their work. Since its inception, JB Star has displayed an ethic in its workmanship that has lifted it to the status of one of the most respected leaders in the craft.

The expansive collection includes earrings, eternity bands, anniversary rings, and wedding rings.

Founder and artistic designer Rafael called JB Star’s process a practice of “a passion for precision.” The company stands by a true labor of love that began in 1979, just over three decades after Rafael’s father had established himself as one of Israel’s most significant loose diamond manufacturers in 1946. JB Star’s facility is located in New York and is home to some of the country’s most skilled visionaries and artists in jewelry appraisal and design.

JB Star’s approach to perfect precision in its craft comes from an intimate and heavily involved process that makes full use of laser-cutting technology. Every cut is pinpointed down to the millimeter to ensure that no fine details are overlooked in the final product. The level of intimacy with which JB Star approaches every individual piece could practically be considered a series of surgical procedures to give each raw jewel in the composition new life.

While laser cutting helps with the finest touches, JB Star jewelry is all ultimately handmade. Whether composed purely of 18-karat yellow gold, pink gold, or platinum, each piece is composed for nothing less than the highest degree of quality. Made for both immediate visual impact and longevity, each piece is an enduring work of art that can be passed down through the generations without losing an inch of luster.

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