William Henry Jewelry: A Tale as Good as Gold

There’s something about the William Henry collection that we love. We feel a certain connection to this brand, and it’s likely based on the creativity, originality, and tenacity involved in the history of this jewelry designer.

Of course, we also simply admire the appearance of the one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories. You literally can’t get this kind of character anywhere else.

History of William Henry Knives

The intricate designs of William Henry knives make the brand what it is today. No two designs are alike, but they’re all just as fascinating as the other. When you own a William Henry product, you own a piece of artwork.

The collection of pocket knives and culinary knives are made with durable and unique materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, copper, brass, nickel silver, and even fossil ivory, fossil bone, fossil tooth, and walrus bone.

Historically, just one knife would take more than seven months to create. The blades are hand-forged and consist of layers of alloys. Each blade is then hand-ground and polished, and the edges are sculpted for sharpness and functionality. Both the blades and the handles feature this unique artistry.

Owners take pride in the fact that William Henry products have a story to tell, such as where each piece of the design originated. In fact, celebrities have been known to collect William Henry knives, which have costed as much as $100,000. Limited edition knives generally range at about $10,000.

William Henry Jewelry and Accessories

While William Henry’s knife collection is still just as outstanding as it was from Day One, the line of men’s bracelets, necklaces, and pendants are just as recognizable for their unique qualities. Each piece characterizes the wearer’s personality, allowing each person to stand out.

Additional William Henry products include money clips, cufflinks, key chains, letter openers, and watches, and jewelry and accessories can be customized.

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