Dazzling Diamonds and a White Wedding

Almost all little girls dream of one day having a special ring placed on their left hand by the one they love, signifying an undying union. Weddings may differ in color, scheme, or set up, but nearly every time the ring must include a diamond – sparkly, sophisticated, and beautiful.

So why diamonds? Why not any other gemstone?

Aside from the fact that diamonds are simply a pretty gem, there is actually a brilliant campaign behind their usage in most wedding rings.

Diamonds were originally not that common for use in engagement rings, due to their scarcity and priciness. Ancient Roman culture used rings made of gold or iron. Nineteenth century American women would receive thimbles to signify an engagement, while the English halved pieces of gold and silver for the couple to save until the wedding day.

It was not until the 1870s that diamonds began to become a staple for rings. When a diamond-rich vein was uncovered in South Africa 30 years prior to the turn of the century, the gem began its rise to popularity. However, due to them becoming increasingly common and less expensive, diamond companies sought a new way to make a profit.

This led to the development of De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. in 1888. De Beers was actually several mining companies in South Africa that had come together to better control and regulate diamond prices. The merge worked. Diamonds became more and more rare, and more and more valuable, which in turn led to a growing popularity in the wedding ring department.

The next, perhaps greatest, move of De Beers was to market the diamond with what would become a staple phrase around the world. This phrase,a diamond is forever,” summed up everything the engagement would stand for. Diamonds are durable, which stood for the strength and resilience of a married couple’s relationship. And marrying the one you love is commitment – marriage is forever.

De Beers further went on to market its product even more by adorning celebrities and public idols with their rings, which led to a 50 percent increase in diamond purchases across America.

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