Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas: How to Make the Moment Extraordinary

A moonlit walk under the stars along the Detroit River. Gazing into each other’s eyes over a candlelit dinner at home. Recreating your first date.

All of these are Valentine’s Day marriage proposals that warm our hearts. But if you’re looking to spice it up a bit by being unique, especially with such limited options during this pandemic, all it takes is a little creativity.

Take these Valentine’s Day marriage proposal ideas, for example:

Plan a Weekend Road Trip

Just because flying in an airplane or going out to a romantic dinner these days can be a challenge, it doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Book a room at a resort hotel in Michigan, and make the most of your drive to and from the destination. Have the room decorated with flowers, champagne, and the works before you arrive, and pop the question as soon as you walk in the door.

Another idea is to stop at a beautiful scenic lookout along the way to the resort. In Michigan, there are an endless number of waterfalls and hilly landscapes that will take your breath away. As your partner is admiring the view, she can turn around and find you on one knee holding the most beautiful diamond engagement ring she’s ever seen. It’s literally a picturesque Valentine’s Day marriage proposal scene — even in the midst of a pandemic.

Write It in the Snow

Do you and your partner love the beauty of the winter season in Michigan? If so, a Valentine’s Day marriage proposal is perfect.

In our opinion, the only thing better than a white Christmas is a white Valentine’s Day. That’s especially true this year, when you likely don’t want to make plans to go out.

Use a stick to write the question into the snow as she’s not looking. Later, ask her to go for a walk with you, perhaps using your dog as an excuse. When you come to that spot where you wrote the question, be ready with the ring.

It’s nice and simple — but still very cute. Who says a marriage proposal has to be expensive or extravagant? As long as it’s memorable and meaningful, that’s all that matters.

If you would rather go bigger but still take advantage of the beautiful snow, consider proposing during a skiing trip or overlooking a sledding hill.

Customize Valentine’s Day Heart Candies or Chocolates

Have Valentine’s Day heart candies custom-made with her name and the word “will,” “you,” “marry,” or “me” on each one. To make it fun, consider having your family and friends watch her open the box and try to figure out the puzzle over a video conference call.

These are only a few Valentine’s Day marriage proposal ideas. If you think about how you two met, your common interests, and memorable moments in your relationship, you will be sure to create  a unique and meaningful engagement proposal she will treasure.

Of course, it all starts with the perfect engagement ring. Find the ring of her dreams at Diamond Castle Jewelers in Novi, Michigan.

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