This Just In! Introducing the 2015 Swarovski Peacock Collection

Now introducing: the 2015 Swarovski Peacock Collection!

With origins in India, the peacock – both magnificent and sacred – is believed to be our most ancient aviary bird. The peacock is an emblem of faith, myth, and legend across the globe!

  • Asian mythology portrays the peacock as the companion of both Gods and Kings
  • In Greek mythology, the peacock is revered by the goddess Hera
  • In China, the peacock is representative of the circle of life

It is said that the peacock dies of grief upon losing its mate, and as such, the peacock has become a symbol of eternal love.

With such a proud and multifaceted story, it was important that this magnificent creature be captured with authenticity. The 2015 Peacock Collection from Swarovski maximizes the Swarovski crystal’s exceptional radiance, while capturing the myriad qualities of such an exceptional subject.

Visit the Diamond Castle Jewelers Showroom in Novi, MI to see this gorgeous 2015 Swarovski Peacock Collection in person, and find out for yourself why Swarovski is known for exceptional radiance and quality.

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