The Ultimate Guide to Yellow Gold Jewelry

The Ultimate Guide to Yellow Gold Jewelry

Yellow gold jewelry has been known to ebb and flow within the confines of mainstream society. Some generations experience the height of silver and white gold trends, while others have the chance to experience the beauty of yellow gold jewelry at their heights of popularity. Right now, we’re seeing yellow gold eclipsing white gold in preference and have put together the ultimate guide for yellow gold jewelry. If you’re wondering if you have the right skin tone for yellow or how to wear it, you’ll find answers from our jewelry experts here.


The Origin of Yellow Gold Jewelry

It may not be a surprise to you that yellow gold jewelry has existed for what feels like… forever. History has dated yellow gold jewelry back to as far as 4000 B.C. and believe that it may have originated from Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, or Eastern Europe. As you can see, when yellow gold popularity erupted, it took the whole world by storm.


In all of these cultures, gold jewelry was exclusively worn by the noble, the royal, or the rich. It wasn’t until the 2nd century A.D. in Rome that engaged couples began exchanging gold wedding rings in marriage, according to GIA. We believe that it was around this time that gold became a little more accessible and realistic to own for most classes in society.


Best Skin Tones for Yellow Gold Jewelry

While many stylists recommend gold jewelry on more olive and dark skin tones, we disagree. Here at Diamond Castle Jewelers, we believe that gold jewelry looks incredible on all skin tones. The warmth of the yellow helps to brighten up paler, more ivory complexions and pops with color on richer skin tones.


When it comes to metals, we believe that everyone should wear their favorite beautifully and with class. So, if you’re fair complected, rock that yellow gold!



How to Wear Yellow Gold With and What to Pair it With

There are limitless options on how to wear your gold jewelry and what to pair it with, so because we can’t name them all, we’ve named our favorites below.


Simple and Sweet Rings

Stacked, thin rings to create chunkier and interesting looks are our absolute favorite. Gold wrap rings are also an option if you want to wear one ring but with the appearance of multiple bands. The ring on the left is from one of our most beloved designers, Chimento. We carry this designer in-house at both our Novi and Plymouth, MI locations.

The Ultimate Guide to Yellow Gold Jewelry


Layered Necklaces

Again, same concept here with the necklaces as with the rings: layer multiple styles together to create an eye-catching assortment of design and personal style. Here we have both a simple combination and then a more complex layering from the designers at Yael that includes stones that catch beams of sunlight as you move.



Hoop Earrings

Is there any other jewelry that gives more “Jenny from the block” than simple yet stunning gold hoop earrings? Gold hoops carry the superpower of being able to work with any outfit, casual or cocktail, with extreme ease. Almost all of our designers carry their own variations of gold hoops because it’s simply a piece of jewelry that will never go out of style.



Engagement Rings

We absolutely love yellow gold with round or pear-shaped solitaires because they complete the look of classic beauty and elegance. Here’s one of our “new” favorites from the designer Parade. Do you see how the ornate swirls of gold, speckled with diamonds, looks effortless and royal? You can only achieve that with yellow gold.


The Ultimate Guide to Yellow Gold Jewelry


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