Smart Ways to Protect Jewelry While Traveling

If you’re headed to a relaxing vacation at an oceanside resort, taking your jewelry with you might not be a top priority. If you’re going to an out-of-town wedding, are planning to attend a business conference, or have other plans that require you to be dressed up, jewelry is a must. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to protect jewelry while traveling that will also keep you organized and ensure that each piece will remain intact during the trip.


7 Items that will Help You Protect Jewelry While Traveling

Let’s start here: If you plan to keep jewelry at home while you’re out of town, lock the jewelry up in a safe, and take general measures to secure your overall home, such as by locking the doors and asking your neighbors to keep their eyes open while you’re away.

Otherwise, here are several ways you can protect jewelry while traveling, and a few household items is all you’ll need to do it.


  1. Straws

Straws are especially useful for not only organizing bracelets and necklaces during trips but also every day. Cut a straw to an adequate size, insert one necklace or bracelet chain through it, and then clasp it together on the other side. It’s a smart way to keep them from getting tangled within themselves or with other pieces of jewelry.


  1. Index cards

An index card is the perfect way to organize and protect earrings. Use a separate index card for each pair of earrings. Poke both earrings through near the top of the card and secure them in the back,  which allows earrings to dangle down if they’re longer, makes them easy to find, and keeps them separate from each other.


  1. Travel jewelry case

Store jewelry in its own case in order to keep it separate from other items in your luggage and to make the jewelry easier to find.


  1. Carry-on bag

As we learned from “Meet the Parents,” keep expensive or valuable jewelry in your carry-on bag if you are flying. Just make sure you research and follow all pertinent FAA regulations.


  1. Small storage containers

A smart way to protect jewelry while traveling is to use adequately sized but small storage containers for each piece of jewelry. Place all of the storage containers in one jewelry case or gallon-size zipper bag. You can then place the entire bundle in your carry-on bag when flying or in your luggage if you’re taking a long road trip.


  1. Packaging wrap

If your jewelry is especially fragile, consider wrapping each piece up in bubble wrap, tissue paper, or similar product. If desired, you can then place each item into one of the storage containers.


  1. Travel insurance

If you are especially concerned about theft or loss, consider purchasing insurance to protect your investments.


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