Safest Ways to Clean a Diamond Ring

The concept of “cleaning” can easily be transformed into “damaging” if you use the wrong methods — whether you’re talking about the painted walls in your home or the diamond wedding ring on your finger. Fortunately, the safest ways to clean a diamond ring are also easy and inexpensive.

Here are a few tricks that may help you clean you a diamond ring safely and thoroughly.

Best Ways to Clean a Diamond Ring Safely

The safest products to use to clean a diamond ring are plain old soap and water, but choose a mild soap with natural ingredients. Drop your ring into a solution of that soap and water for about 20 minutes once a week, and then gently brush it with a soft toothbrush.

Make a conscious effort to clean the engagement or wedding ring weekly, or dirt and grime will collect and make it harder for you to remove later.

When you dry the ring, do so with a soft, dust-free cloth to avoid scratching the ring or leaving it dustier than it was when you started.

In addition to maintaining it on your own, stop by our jewelry store once a year for a complimentary ring cleaning. In fact, it’s one of our favorite services because we love to make those diamonds really sparkle.

What to Avoid

Explaining how to clean a diamond ring is easier than noting all the things to avoid while wearing your ring. But we’ll try. … Here we go:

  • Swimming in chlorine
  • Playing in the sandbox
  • Collecting rocks as a hobby
  • Shuffling the wood in a bonfire with your bare hands
  • Putting your hands in a freezer until they shrivel and then going parasailing

OK, we’re teasing a bit there by stating the obvious. On a more serious note, here are some (other) things to keep in mind.

  1. Avoid touching the diamond itself too much. In addition to dulling the diamond with oils or dirt from your hands, you risk loosening the stone.
  2. You should also take the ring off before preparing foods, cooking, cleaning, and so on. Doing so would help to prevent damage and loss, as well as keep your foods more sanitary.
  3. Remove the ring before applying lotion, sunscreen, and similar products, as they will ooze into the grooves, crust up, and stay there indefinitely.
  4. Take it off before playing sports to protect your hands, face, and the rest of your body, as well as avoid hurting other people or damaging the ring.
  5. Never use bleach or other harsh chemicals near your ring or attempt to use them to clean it. Bleach can not only dull the shine, but also irritate your finger once you replace the ring.

If you’re due to get that ring cleaned and polished, come on in or call us for an appointment.

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