Is She Missing a Diamond in the Ring? Think Outside the Box for Repair Options

Is she all of a sudden missing a diamond in her ring? You are both probably a little upset about that loss, huh?

After all, there’s sentimental value in that original diamond. That’s the sparkle that reflected in her eyes when you first proposed. That’s what made her smile so brightly as you slid the ring on her finger on your wedding day. That’s what you both saw every day for years as you held her hand.

Well, that’s history.

Stop denying it.

Face the facts.

That original diamond is gone, vanished, never to be found again. Who knows where she lost it, but there’s no use in dwelling on the past.

Instead, think of this loss as a blessing in disguise. This could actually be the ideal opportunity to buy her the perfect anniversary gift or birthday gift, or just something for any old day of the year to let her know how much you care.

Consider these five options:

1. Simply replace the missing diamond in the ring.

When you do, you may find a loose diamond with more clarity, one that’s larger in size, or one that has a shape that she might prefer better than the original.

2. Replace the missing diamond and add some flair.

This is the perfect chance to go bigger and bolder. Consider redesigning the ring to incorporate a few additional diamonds.

On the other hand, over the years, she may have expressed that she would have preferred a diamond that sits lower within the ring, so you could shop for that option instead.

Missing a diamond in a ring? Consider swapping it for a luxurious colored gemstone.

If a diamond is missing, consider redesigning the ring or adding a colored gemstone.


3. Replace the entire ring.

Don’t worry. She won’t be sad if you give her a new one. In fact, we can’t recall anyone ever complaining about receiving a lavish, beautiful, shimmering diamond ring. She can always keep her original ring as a keepsake.

4. Add a different stone.

You don’t have to replace the diamond with another diamond. If the ring includes other diamonds, consider replacing the missing one with a colored gemstone to give the ring a truly unique and personalized look. Just remember that she may wish to have at least one real diamond in her ring to keep with tradition.

5. Break with the above-said tradition.

Instead of replacing the diamond in the ring or buying a whole new ring, think about purchasing a different piece of jewelry that also symbolizes your love and devotion. Consider a diamond infinity necklace, a bracelet featuring traditional diamonds along with birthstone gems, or a pink gold and diamond wedding bracelet.

So what do you think? You have many great options to ponder, right? That’s OK. Take your time. Once you decide what you want to do, we’ll still be here at our jewelry store in Novi to help you turn your vision into a gift she will love.

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