How to Measure the Sizes of Your Fingers for Rings

One-size-fits-all definitely does not apply to quality rings – not even for each individual. In fact, each individual likely has 10 slightly different-sized fingers, so when you measure, don’t forget to consider all of your fingers as necessary.

Here is an easy way to measure the sizes of your fingers. Just be sure to measure the exact finger you plan to use for a particular ring, because what fits on your right ring finger, for example, may not fit on the left.


How to Measure the Sizes of Your Fingers

Wrap a string or piece of paper around the finger that you expect to use for a particular ring. Mark the point where the string or paper overlaps, and measure the length of that string or piece of paper, either in millimeters or inches.

You can then use a conversion chart to determine your size. Ring sizes generally range from 3 to 16, with 7 being the average for women and 10 the average for men. For example, a circumference of 57.15 millimeters or 2.25 inches would equal a size 8 ring, while a size 7 ring would be 54.51 millimeters or 2.15 inches.

Here are a few additional tips when it comes to how to measure the sizes of your fingers:

  • Make sure you are not too cold or too hot. Your fingers shrink in the cold and expand just a bit in the heat.
  • If you are in-between sizes, choose the bigger size. You’re better off having a ring a little loose on your finger than not being able to wear it at all.
  • If your knuckles are much larger than the base of your finger, measure the knuckle and the finger. Your ring size should be the average of both sizes, approximately. This helps to ensure that the ring can fit over your knuckle, but not fit so loosely around your finger that it’s bothersome.
  • A local jeweler can resize rings for you if your fingers have significantly grown or gotten smaller over time.
  • If your fingers are smaller and for some reason you’re not comfortable having the size of a ring reduced, sizing beads can be used to make the ring fit properly.


We Can Take Care of It All for You

While you can do it yourself, we can just as easily measure the sizes of your fingers for you. Just step into our Novi jewelry store, and we’ll help you figure out the perfect sizes of rings to buy for each of your 10 fingers. We will also be glad to resize rings to make them more suitable for you.

For more information, visit our Diamond Castle Jewelers website or call us at (248) 621-3647.

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