How Loose Diamonds Can Help You Build a Remarkable Piece of Jewelry

For most of us, buying a piece of fine jewelry is associated with an extraordinary life event: Marriage, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation. When we buy that diamond ring, gold bracelet, or any other piece of fine jewelry, we put a significant amount of thought into it because we want it to be perfect. What many of us don’t know is that to get the very best piece of diamond jewelry, it pays to start with loose diamonds.


The GIA and Finding Good Loose Diamonds

If you’ve heard of graded, certified diamonds, or the four “Cs” of diamonds (cut, color, clarity, carat), then you’ve already had some exposure to the GIA. GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America. These are the people who certify and grade diamonds in America.

If you want a piece of jewelry with a certified diamond, the diamond has to be examined while it’s loose (not in a setting or a piece of jewelry). According to their website, this is because a skilled jeweler can use the setting on a piece of jewelry to hide flaws in the diamond itself. This is good if you are looking to save money, but if you’re looking for something outstanding, then you want a higher quality diamond.


What to Do With Your Loose Diamond

Because a loose diamond is often purchased at the jeweler you plan on working with, it is unlikely you will ever have to worry about having it in your possession. But once you own it, you can take it home with you, keep it in a bank vault, or trade it on the open market. Most of us, though, just want a quality diamond in a pleasant setting.

Once you purchase your GIA-certified diamond and work with your jeweler to insure it if need be, it’s time to think about how you want to set it. A single diamond can be used to create any number of pieces of art or jewelry. The best diamond jewelers should be able to look at the diamond and suggest the perfect setting for it. As we discussed earlier, a setting can bring out the best qualities of your diamond and hide any flaws. With a little bit of conversation and some imagination, the small amount of extra work involved in starting with a loose diamond can pay off in a piece of jewelry that will be handed down for generations.

The folks at Diamond Castle Jewelers in Novi understand that the jewelry you buy for a special occasion is significant to you. We would be more than happy to show you our certified loose diamonds and help you design an heirloom setting for your special occasion. Contact us to get the process started, or to ask any questions you may have.

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