5 Jewelry Trends That Will Remain Huge in 2019

Just like bell bottoms, shoulder pads, and crimped hair, jewelry cycles through trends. The colorful gemstones of the ’80s, the princess-cut engagement rings of the ’90s, the hoop earrings of the early 2000s: we remember them all fondly. We’ve rounded up a list of the top 5 jewelry trends that we predict will continue to be huge in 2019 so you can update your jewelry box and lead the way.


Charms for bracelets and necklaces are one of the 2019 jewelry trends.

1. Charms

And we’re so excited for this one.

Collecting darling charms for your linked bracelets, necklaces, and keychains brought us such joy. Perhaps it’s because you were given the chance to be creative and personalize your charming jewelry to reflect your personality and your individual style. Maybe it was just fun to show off how many charms you could wear on one wrist.

Either way, we anticipate being charmed all year long.


2019 jewelry trends include white gold.

2. White Gold

Rose gold and yellow gold have dominated the jewelry counters for several years now, but as the tides are turning, so are the metals. White gold will be making quite the comeback this year. Incorporate it into your earrings, rings, and necklaces for an elegant look. Of course, rose and yellow gold will remain popular as well.


Gemstone shapes will take the stage in the jewelry trends of 2019.

3. Unexpected Stone Shapes

We’ll be seeing a much wider variety of diamond and gemstone shapes in 2019. Ovals, emerald cuts, pears, and cushion cuts are becoming much more mainstream in rings, necklaces, and bracelets. No longer is the only acceptable shape for a diamond limited to round, so feel free to be creative with your stones.


One of the jewelry trends of 2019 includes dainty diamond earrings.

4. Dainty Earrings

Expect to see tiny (and by tiny we mean itty bitty) studs and hoops to decorate the ears. Not only is this look dainty and discreet, it gives the wearer plenty of options to mix in diamonds, different metals, and shapes.


Right-hand diamonds are among the jewelry trends of 2019.

5. Right-Hand Diamonds

It’s a different era, and there’s no need for a woman to wait for an engagement to buy herself the diamond of her dreams. It’ll be a year to treat yourself with a statement piece for your right hand, and we anticipate many high-powered women sporting this trend.

We’d love to help you incorporate these 2019 jewelry trends into your collection. Feel free to contact us for assistance.


The 2019 jewelry trends include white gold, dainty diamond earrings, and charms. Contact us to learn more, or visit our Novi jewelry store to browse our jewelry collection.

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