The Perfect Ring, The Perfect Fit: How Jewelers Resize Rings

You’ve done it, you’ve taken the plunge and bought a ring. THE ring even. It’s perfect and took her breath away.

Except …

It doesn’t fit. It twirls around her finger and threatens to fly off with every wave of her hand. Or it’s too small, and she can’t quite get it over that last knuckle. Either way, something has to be done.

You need to get the ring resized. You might assume that the ring can just be super-heated and stretched to enlarge it, but this generally only works with plain wedding bands. For the gorgeous engagement ring or anniversary ring with stones, your jeweler is going to have to do a bit more work.

Jewelers resize rings in different ways depending on if the ring needs to be made smaller or larger.

To enlarge a ring, the flank, or underside of the ring, is cut and an extra piece of matching metal is soldered in. It’s then sanded and polished so that you’ll never know it was resized. Due to the addition of metal, the cost for making a ring larger tends to be a little bit more.

To make a ring smaller, the process is much the same. A cut is made in the flank, and the excess metal is cut away. The ring is then soldered back together, polished, smoothed, and voila! Your beautiful ring is now perfect.

You may wonder what to do if your ring has stones all the way around the band, or perhaps an intricate metal design. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to make these rings larger without affecting the integrity of the original design. To make a ring smaller, however, there is an easy and inexpensive alternative: sizing beads. These are small metal balls that can be attached to the inside back of the ring, making the fit smaller. This will maintain the structural integrity of the ring while keeping it upright on the finger.

When jewelers resize rings, the goal is to recreate that beautiful, timeless piece of jewelry that the owner will continue to wear and cherish for many years to come. Make sure your perfect ring has a perfect fit. Contact us for details.

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