The February Birthstone: All About Amethyst

Amethyst is a well-known and widely used gemstone, thanks to its beautiful color and its abundance in nature. As the February birthstone, a piece of amethyst jewelry can make a beautiful gift for the woman in your life with a February birthday. Amethyst is also the traditional 6th and 33rd wedding anniversary gift.

A purple variety of quartz, amethyst is mined all throughout the world, with large deposits found in the Americas, Africa, and Europe. Historically, it was primarily worn only by royalty until large deposits were discovered in the 19th century.

Its name is derived from the Greek “amethystos,” which means “not drunken,” as it was thought to ward off intoxication. Amethyst is also rumored to provide the wearer with a quick wit and a clear head. It is thought to promote calm, balance, and peace.

To choose a high-quality amethyst, there are a few factors to consider. Deep violet or reddish-purple gems are the highest quality. Specimens with less color saturation or a brownish tint have a diminished value. Consider the clarity as well, and choose a gem without inclusions. It should look clean to the naked eye.

Proper care of amethyst jewelry is important to its longevity. As a 7 on the Mohs scale of scratch resistance, amethyst is durable but susceptible to scratches. Be sure not to wear it during an activity where it could be scratched. Use caution keeping it in a jewelry box where it could come into contact with gems of greater hardness. Store your piece in a dark place, as prolonged exposure to sunlight could cause its radiant color to fade.

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