5 Advantages of a Wonderful Winter Wedding

While June is the cliche wedding month, there is a lot to be said about planning a fabulous winter wedding. How incredible your diamond ring is going to look against that sparkly, snowy backdrop is just the beginning! Here are five true advantages to having your dream wedding in the winter months.

1. Lower Costs

Think of these magic words: “off season.” Caterers, florists, photographers, venues, and even bands are likely going to be less expensive when it is not peak season. When you plan a winter wedding, you’ll find discounted rates from vendors in the winter months.

2. Greater Venue Availability

Your dream location for your wedding is much more likely to be available in the winter months on whatever date you choose. Sometimes, in the more popular months, there could be a waiting list that is years long. In the winter, you will have your pick of choice venues.

3. True Comfort

Everyone’s been to an outdoor wedding where you were withering in the intense August heat, or dashing for cover from a June shower. In the winter, you know everyone is going to be perfectly comfortable at your indoor affair. Plus, everyone’s hair and makeup will stay picture-perfect.

4. Lack of Competition

When you plan a winter wedding, you’re likely going to be the only game in town for your friends and family. Why compete with guests’ busy spring, summer, and fall schedules? People can look forward to the event without the feeling of being overbooked with weddings and showers.

5. A Winter Wedding Wonderland Setting

Think of the unique and stunning photographs you’ll have of your special day with a white wonderland behind you. You can decorate the venue with a winter theme complete with crystals, snowflakes, and winter flowers, and maybe even light up a fireplace to add to the ambience.  If you plan your event around the holiday season, you can even have the added bonus of festive holiday decorations.

By planning a wedding for the winter, you open up all kinds of opportunities! If you’re still just beginning to plan your wedding and need to find the perfect diamond engagement ring or wedding ring, visit Diamond Castle Jewelers, the jewelry store that has been making brides happy since 1902.

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