A Practical Guide to Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

So you’ve found the one you want to spend your life with. Congratulations! If, like many who are planning the perfect proposal, you find yourself ready to find an engagement ring (and not sure of where to start), Diamond Castle Jewelers of Novi, MI is here to help! We understand that picking the perfect engagement ring can feel overwhelming.

This is one of the biggest and most meaningful purchases you’ll ever make in your life. And your fiance is going to be showing off the ring you choose to everyone she’s ever met, so the pressure can feel intense!

Here is a practical guide of how to get started. Once you have these items in order, come visit our showroom in Novi, MI and let us help you select or design the diamond engagement ring of your dreams!

Decide on a budget

The very first thing you’ll need to know is what your price range will be, this will help us to show you options that fit with your finances.

The old guideline for this is that a ring shouldn’t cost more than approximately two months of salary. If you’re comfortable with this amount, great! If you’re not, don’t feel like you need to hold to this, couples these days are deciding to spend more or less than this amount based on what their financial circumstances will allow.

Find out if you’re eligible for any discounts, for example, at Diamond Castle Jewelers, we offer a military discount for any active service members who are looking for a diamond engagement ring.

Decide whether you want to pay cash up front, in which case, you have a set amount of savings that you plan to use to purchase an engagement ring, or whether you would prefer to finance the cost of the ring. You can apply for financing online before you visit our showroom, which will help you to know exactly the amount you are eligible to spend and what the terms of financing will look like.

Don’t forget that your engagement ring is a symbol of your love, it doesn’t need to be expensive to be meaningful and beautiful. You can always up the “glam” factor with the wedding band or an anniversary band down the road!

Figure out her ring size

It can be really hard to guess a ring size, and you want it to fit when you propose! If the ring doesn’t immediately fit, don’t sweat it, you can always bring the ring to our showroom and we can have it sized to fit perfectly.

But it can be helpful to have an idea of her ring size before you pick out the diamond engagement ring you plan on using to propose. If you feel like getting your stealth on, simply bring a ring she isn’t wearing with you, we can measure it at our showroom to make sure that the ring you select is a perfect fit.

Know her style

Take a look at the type of jewelry you see your girlfriend wearing on a regular basis. Does she wear more silver or gold? Is her jewelry dainty and understated? Or does she prefer big, flashy statement pieces? Think about her personality, is she outgoing, earthy, or shy? The more of this information you can compile, the easier it will be for the diamond experts at Diamond Castle Jewelers to show you styles and options that fit with your loved one?s style.

If you feel completely lost, try getting a sneaky feel for her preferences, take her to a jewelry store, but under the pretext of something else. For example, bring her with you while you are looking at watches. While you’re looking at watches, keep an eye out for the rings that catch her eye. Point out a couple, and see how she reacts. Go back to looking at watches. Maybe even buy one, because a nice watch is always fantastic to have. Mission accomplished!

Visit us to pick the perfect engagement ring

Now that you know how much you want to spend, what size of ring to buy, and have a good feel for her style, stop by our showroom! Armed with this information, the experts at Diamond Castle Jewelers can help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring.

We are the Metro Detroit home of engagement rings, and have an incredible selection of GIA loose certified diamonds. We are here to take the stress out of picking the perfect engagement ring! The Diamond Castle family have been jewelers since 1902, it’s what we do.

Visit our showroom today, and find out why our reputation and selection are second to none.

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